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Survey aims to support rural communities

Survey aims to support rural communities

A SURVEY is being launched at this year’s Royal Welsh Winter Fair aimed at supporting rural communities across Carmarthenshire.

Executive board member for rural affairs Cllr Cefin Campbell will launch it at the event taking place at the Builth Wells showground on November 27 and 28.

Cllr Campbell has already set up a task group with the aim of tackling challenges and identifying opportunities for rural communities across the county.

Its aim is to consider the issues affecting them, and to prepare a report with recommendations on how the council, in partnership with other bodies and organisations, can take action to ensure regeneration over the coming years.

The cross-party working group, made up of representatives from the Plaid Cymru, Labour and Independent groups, will undertake research and consult with as wide a range as possible of stakeholders to identify the particular issues affecting Carmarthenshire’s rural communities.

The survey is part of the consultation process and will ask people what they think the challenges are for them. It will also ask them to identify any potential opportunities for improvements.

It will run from the launch until March 30 2018 to allow plenty of time for people across Carmarthenshire to give their views.

People can take part online at or call the contact centre on 01267 234567 for a hard


Cllr Campbell said: “We are blessed with an abundance of beautiful rural countryside, but I appreciate that living in rural areas can also present its own particular challenges.

“It is vital that we gather as much information as we can before drawing up an action plan to help address any issues, and to identify opportunities which can improve the quality of life for these communities.

“We hope as many people as possible take this opportunity to tell us about any issues they face living in our rural communities.

“Carmarthenshire is a large rural county with 60% of our population living in rural areas, and each community has its own particular needs.

“We will look at developing our market towns over the next few years along with the key themes that we are working on.

“We are committed to help all rural parts of the county and need the views of residents in order to form the best possible plan to do this.”

The Rural Affairs Task Group will consider issues such as economic regeneration (including jobs, training and skills), agriculture, public and private sector services, transport, tourism, education, housing, Brexit, broadband and mobile phone access, population movements, Welsh language, and any other matters that come up as discussions progress.

Further information on the Rural Affairs Task Group and how people with an interest in contributing to the discussion can get involved is available on the Council’s consultation page on the website or by contacting

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