Friday, June 9, 2023
Support for Burry Port Harbour management proposal

Support for Burry Port Harbour management proposal

Burry Port, Llanelli

CARMARTHENSHIRE County Council’s executive board has supported proposals to lease Burry Port Harbour to a specialist management company with a view to securing its long-term future.

Members have today reviewed proposals by The Marine Group, which wants to invest in the harbour and manage it as a first class marina.

The company said it could create several jobs by supporting and investing in services such as boat repairs and engineering, re-fuelling facilities and a boat hoist, which would support the day to day operations of the harbour and help it compete with others across the UK.

A sustainable dredging solution for the harbour and access channel is also being proposed.

Such a move would help the council address ongoing maintenance and management sustainability challenges, as well as offering improved facilities and attracting more users.

It would also further develop the harbour as part of the regeneration masterplan for the area, connecting it with landside developments such as leisure and residential building projects.

The company said it would like to convert and extend the existing RNLI building, once the new lifeboat base is complete, to provide a new marina management office, with modern changing rooms and a café and restaurant unit. The company is also keen to work with the local community and in turn support local businesses.

The long-term arrangement would see a financial return to the authority with a guaranteed revenue stream.

The Executive Board has supported the proposal in principle and the council will now negotiate final lease terms and complete due diligence checks.

Cllr Peter Hughes Griffiths, executive board member for culture, sport and tourism, said: “We need to find long-term solutions for the future of Burry Port Harbour as an attractive and fully-functioning high-class marina. Having specialist management in place supports our aspirations for all users of the marina – those using the marine facilities and those who want to enjoy it as part of our wider tourism offer.

“We must get this right, so we will take the time we need to negotiate terms and ensure that this is the best option for the future.”

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