Monday, June 5, 2023
Subsidised animal health sampling clinics available for Wales farmers

Subsidised animal health sampling clinics available for Wales farmers

FARMING Connect, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for
Rural Development and the Welsh Government is working with vets across
Wales to provide an opportunity for farmers to carry out animal health
sampling and testing with their local vet.

The clinics will provide farmers with an opportunity to access support
to investigate and test for relevant animal health topics within their
business such as blood testing for trace elements or metabolic profiling
as well as ram or bull fertility and genetic disorders screening.

Dewi Hughes, Farming Connect’s Technical Development Manager said that
this is a great opportunity for farmers to work with their local vet to
investigate or test for specific animal health issues on their farms as
part of an active animal health plan, which in turn will improve
business productivity and enhance animal health and welfare.

“We’re urging any farmers who feel that they can benefit from this
opportunity to contact their local vet and Farming Connect directly”.

The following list of animal health clinics will provide farmers with
subsidised analysis and consultation on specific topics relating to
animal health.

·         Blood testing – Review trace elements, metabolic profiling

·         Faecal Egg Counting – Monitoring on-farm worm populations

·         Ram or bull fertility

·         Leptospirosis

·         IBR

·         Ecto parasites (Scab)

·         Screening for genetic disorders

·         Bacteriology – culture and sensitivity

Farmers must confirm their interest with Farming Connect before any
sampling/testing takes place. Limited funding available which will be
allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

To register your interest in any of the above, please contact Lois Evans
at Menter a Busnes on 01248 660079 or email:

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