Friday, February 3, 2023
Storm Barra blows of roof at Bryngwyn School

Storm Barra blows of roof at Bryngwyn School

THE Emergency services have attended Bryngwyn School in Llanelli this afternoon, Tuesday (Dec 7).

An eye witness told us that a large section of the school roof had blown off spreading debris across the school grounds.

It is understood that the school children had already left the building and that the remaining staff  were evacuated and onlookers have been moved on by the police.

A spokesperson for Carmarthenshire County Council said: “High winds have caused damage to part of the roof at Ysgol Bryngwyn in Llanelli at approximately 4pm this afternoon. Most pupils had already left the school premises at the end of their school day – nobody was injured and all those still on site were evacuated calmly. The school will be closed tomorrow so that a full assessment of the damage can be undertaken when conditions improve. Parents have been contacted and will be updated tomorrow.”

County Councillor Rob Evans has been at the school since the incident happened and said: “I have been here since the roof came away from the main building. I have reassured residents  that they  are safe in their homes.

“Firefighters have been on the scene throughout and the County Council have closed roads in the area.  The roof is being monitored for safety.”

Pics. Cllr Rob Evans

Pic. David Hurford


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