Friday, January 27, 2023
Stephen Donoghue – Welsh Labour – Glyn – 5 Pledges

Stephen Donoghue – Welsh Labour – Glyn – 5 Pledges

1. I will support sports clubs, community Halls and other organisations to make sure they are not detrimentally affected by cuts to facilities and increases in costs like pitch fees imposed by the Plaid/Independent coalition.

2. I will respond to calls about fly tipping and rubbish and insist that the council puts more resource into identifying those responsible, pursuing them through the courts if necessary and enforcing stiffer penalties.

3. I will work with residents to get improved public transport links to Llanelli and Carmarthen and for services links to be coordinated for people who wish to travel further afield.

4. I will always do my best and make myself available to all the residents of Ponthenri, Pontiets, Five Roads, Cynheidre and Horeb to help them with their issues. I will be contactable face to face, by phone, email or through a dedicated Facebook site where people can check progress on the issues that are raised.

5. Being born and bred there and a former Ward councillor I will make it one of my priorities to review the needs of the residents through regular consultations and surgeries to make us once more proud of our communities. I will fight to give the communities what they want, not what the council says they need.

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