Thursday, March 23, 2023
Staff, parents and public must fight cuts is the message at UNISON meeting

Staff, parents and public must fight cuts is the message at UNISON meeting

UNISON have held a meeting to discuss the County Council’s decision to implement a standstill budget for education in the county. The meeting took place this evening, Tuesday (Mar 20) at the Selwyn Samuel Centre in Llanelli.

Carmarthenshire branch Secretary Mark Evans said that although it was a standstill budget there would still be an impact on children’s education. Speaking to Llanelli Online Mr Evans said:

“We are meeting to fight the cuts. We have been leafleting all the schools in Llanelli and we want to involve parents and the public.

“The Plaid Cymru led council have set a standstill budget claiming it is protecting education but it has not taken into account inflation which is running at 4% which means hundreds of jobs could be at risk at schools.

“We have a lot of support when we leafleted. We are building a mass campaign of opposition and possible strike action.

“We don’t think the Welsh Assembly should be passing on Tory cuts. We think they should be properly funding council services. The council should fund education it is the children’s future. They are affecting their life chances and education by making cuts.

“The cuts come from the Tories who want to impose austerity. The council have a choice. They can fight or choose to implement it and inflict pain on communities.”

You can watch our interview with Mark Evans here:

Unison meeting on School budget cuts from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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