Friday, January 27, 2023
St Elli Meets St David

St Elli Meets St David

Ysgol Pum Heol

THE St Elli Shopping Centre in Llanelli was a place fit for St David today, Friday (March 3) as schools from all over Llanelli congregated in the central meeting point, which doubles as a wonderful concert venue. Ysgol Brynsierfel, Ysgol Y Strade, Ysgol Pum Heol and St John Lloyds School were amongst numerous schools performing on the stage to the delight of shoppers. Lovely tones of Calon Lan, Sospan Fach and many other Welsh favourites floated off through the centre attracting the curious as the children, many bedecked in Welsh costumes sang their hearts out. It was difficult not to get very emotional watching these delightful children showing the world just how much talent the schools in Llanelli have. The annual event is facilitated by the St Elli Shopping Centre management in partnership with Menter Elli. Traditionally Welsh schools have held their St David’s Day celebrations behind the closed doors of the school. This was a mini festival for all to see and share and judging by the reaction of the shoppers, it was a great success.


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