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Special roast Sunday lunches back on menu at Llanelly House

Special roast Sunday lunches back on menu at Llanelly House

Special roast Sunday lunches are back on the menu at the popular Llanelly House in Llanelli town centre.

The kitchen at the historic Georgian house is back in business for Sunday lunches, starting this weekend, April 30.

“We’ve had requests galore from our loyal customers, asking every day of the week when we will be opening again for Sunday lunches,” said Llanelly House trustee Alison Evans.

“This Sunday, we are delighted to be opening our doors again for special roast lunches. As we have a brilliant location, slap bang in the middle of Llanelli town centre, we are looking forward to welcoming customers old and new this Sunday.

“Our resident chef Anna Brown is known throughout the land for her appearances on TV and radio, so you can trust that she will have plenty of culinary treats for everyone to enjoy, starting this Sunday.

“Booking is advised and you can save yourself a table by ringing 01554 772857.”

The café and restaurant opens at 10am and the Llanelly House team will also be serving breakfasts and brunch and their standard daily menu alongside Sunday roast specials.

The breakfast is a particular favourite; it’s more of a ‘Full Welsh’ than a ‘Full English’ as it can be ordered with cockles and laverbread.

Roast Sunday Lunch mains course is priced at £7.95.

A special offer of Starter plus Mains will cost £11.95.

Other freshly-made desserts and coffee will be individually priced on Sundays.


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Twitter – @LlanellyHouse


About Llanelly House

Llanelly House is the finest Georgian building of its kind in Wales.

Inside the historic surroundings, you can discover the legacy of the Stepney family.

Llanelly House is the heartbeat of Llanelli.

The history of the building and its occupants reflects the triumphs and tribulations of the town and the influence Llanelli has had throughout the world.

The house was substantially re-built in 1714 by Sir Thomas Stepney.

The building fell into massive decline, was derelict and at a critical stage by 2009.

The Carmarthenshire Heritage Regeneration Trust successfully applied for and secured full funding to restore this Georgian gem.

The doors of the restored house officially opened to the public on October 25, 2013.

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