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Soup kitchen’s visitor numbers increasing

Soup kitchen’s visitor numbers increasing

Looking for donations: Gary Glenister

It was somewhat of a double edged sword feeling this evening, Sunday (Sep 17) after a visit to the Sosban Soup Station at Y Lle on Old Castle Road. On the one hand it was great to see so many people making use of the facility, especially some of the very young people who are facing difficult times. It really is a fantastic resource run by Gary Glenister and his team. There is a genuine sense of love and care present and it is evident that some businesses in Llanelli are very supportive of the facility through the donations of bread, which we could clearly see was making a difference.

There is also a side, which questions why we need a soup kitchen to provide for people who are obviously in such need and why they have slipped through the net. Can more be done through the services we pay for?

There have been soup kitchens throughout history used for sharing food with the hungry. The first soup kitchens in the modern sense may have emerged in the late 18th century. By the late 19th century, they were to be found in several American and European cities.

There was a resurgence in soup kitchens in the 20th century mainly in cities across the USA following during great depressions and following war.

In the 21st century, the use of soup kitchens expanded in both the United States and Europe, following lasting global increases in the price of food which began in late 2006. Demand for their services grew as the Great Recession began to worsen economic conditions for those on low income. In much of Europe, demand further increased after the introduction of austerity-based economic policies from 2010.

What was clear following this evening’s visit is that there is a growing need in Llanelli and the soup station is playing a major role in offering a hand of friendship, care and love to some of the most vulnerable people in the town.  The soup station is always looking for donations of tins of soup so please feel free to contact them or drop the tins off at Y Lle. The soup station is open every Sunday evening. You can find contact details at Sosban Soup Station

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