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Soup kitchen needs donations

Soup kitchen needs donations

A soup kitchen based at y Lle on Old Castle Road is asking for donations of tinned soup. Gary Glenister who runs the Sosban Soup Kitchen, which was previously located in a makeshift tent at the Town Hall Square but has now moved to the more comfortable climes of y Lle told Llanelli Online that they would like donations of tinned soup to meet the needs of the people they provide for.

Gary said that the most favourable variety of soup is vegetable, beef or chicken. Llanelli Online visited the centre on Sunday (Aug 13) and spoke to the volunteers along with some of the service users.

Gareth who was homeless has now turned his life around and runs his own business. He is a great believer in the kindness of strangers and believes that underneath every homeless person is a good person. He said that places like the Llanelli soup kitchen are a lifeline to some and a place where some very lonely people may get their only contact and kindness.

Even though it is a relatively simple meal of a bowl of soup and a bread roll there is for that time a sense of community, of sharing and caring. It was evident from our visit that this service is not only in demand but one, which makes a difference for so many people.

If you would like to donate tins of soup you can drop them off at y Lle on Old Castle Road but Gary has asked if you could telephone first to make sure that someone is there to receive them. You can contact Gary on 07811 710 282

You can watch the film of our visit here:


Soup Kitchen from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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