Thursday, December 8, 2022
Sort out Sandy Road calls from AM

Sort out Sandy Road calls from AM

LLANELLI AM Lee Waters has called on Plaid Cymru led Carmarthenshire Council to sort out congestion on Sandy Road after over a year of delays.

“If Plaid Cymru have a plan for Sandy Road they need to put it into action. The impact of poor air quality is harming people’s health every day and there shouldn’t be a moment’s delay in easing the congestion.” Lee Waters AM said.

Labour’s Lee Waters AM has been campaigning with local MP Nia Griffith for a solution to the issues on Sandy Road since traffic lights were installed at the junction of Sandy Road and Maesycoed in 2017. Frustrated by the refusal of the Council to consult with local residents they organised their own chance for residents to have their say and submitted a series of options to Carmarthenshire Council after a consultation involving over 400 people

“It is well over a year since we presented the results of our consultation to the Council, and they have still not taken the action necessary to deal with the Sandy Road traffic. We have been chasing the Highways Department for the results of traffic modelling work we were promised at a meeting last year, and since then Nia and I have suggested switching off the lights for a trial period to test the impact on congestion.” Lee said.

Lee Waters has also been working with local schools and colleges to help them develop travel plans to encourage students and staff to car share and use public transport in order to ease pressure on Sandy Road during the school run.

“The large number of emails we still receive about this issue shows that not nearly enough is being done to tackle this, and frustration is only building as time drags on. People deserve better.” he said.

“Even though I’m a Minister for Transport in the Welsh Government only the Plaid led Council can act to resolve the issues on Sandy Road, in the meantime I’ll be doing all I can to keep up the pressure and to find long lasting solutions for everyone who lives and travels in the area.” Lee added.

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