Sunday, May 28, 2023
Small Business Opportunity

Small Business Opportunity

Diana Vickers

There is not much Diana Vickers doesn’t know about marketing and PR for businesses. She is what could be described as a ‘Little Diamond’ in the business world. It takes an enormous leap of faith to put on a dedicated business show in these times of uncertainty for many small business owners. Diana is not the type of person to just give up or walk away from a problem. She looks at ways of finding solutions, opportunities and alternatives so that small, medium and large businesses can take stock, try something new or different and improve on systems. You really have to take your hat off to Diana.

This April she is putting on the largest business exhibition the town has seen in many years. In her own words:

#CMB2017 We’re looking forward to welcoming business of all shapes and sizes at the show this year so if you’re a #CottageIndustry or running a one-man/woman-show from your home, we REALLY want to hear from you too and have put together a special deal for the smaller traders who are looking for a budget-friendly opportunity to pitch up alongside the big players. This really is an affordable leap into bigger exposure and you’ll get the chance to broadcast your business in a lively, professional arena. You can make new contacts, you may find that supplier or distributor that you so need and you’ll find inroads to a whole new clientele – and get the chance to listen to some great motivational speakers and take part in business and leisure workshops.

Put yourself out there: the next step is waiting for you!
Inbox us now for details of the #smallbusiness package with a small price tag and MASSIVE potential!
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