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Ski lift woes during ski centre’s busiest months

Ski lift woes during ski centre’s busiest months

Knackered: According to Eirian Morris

In terms of a commercial disaster it couldn’t get much worse for the Pembrey Ski Centre. That is the claim of former Pembrey Ski Centre Manager Eirian Morris.

At present the ski lift is out of action. It was bought by the  council in 1988 and according to Eirian Morris, it was meant for a far bigger installation. He claims that the council bought the lift from a company called  LST and within a few years the company folded. He told Llanelli Online that since themnobody has been able  to pick up the pieces when the lift has broken.

Speaking to Llanelli Online the former Ski Centre Manager Eirian Morris said: “The gearbox has packed up. Most ski lifts are meant for a few months of the year. In the resorts they get 6 hours use a day. This lift has been in action for long hours most days and runs for 12 months of the year.

“The number of hours it has done means it is well past its sell by date. I sent a letter from engineers in 2010 saying that the lift needed replacing. It has always had lots of faults like cracks in the pylons. I did inform the council it was on its last legs but nothing was done.

“What they have done is put a few new  hanger boxes on and that looks pretty but the main fabric of the lift  is knackered. They should have put one in years ago. They would have lost thousands of pounds with it being out of action. during the busiest month for skiing and the busiest time for the shop.

“They (Carmarthenshire County Council) should have foreseen this and it should have been changed a long time ago.”

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Senior Sports and Leisure Manager, said: “Pembrey Ski and Activity Centre is a key site for us, and as such all elements are subject to regular inspections and a planned maintenance programme. The gearing system reached the end of its life recently and therefore replacement is underway. The disruption has been well managed and minimal and the ski lift will be fully operational, with improved functionality, prior to Christmas. We thank our users for bearing with us through this period.”

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