Thursday, December 1, 2022
Sir Garedig – Sharing Carmarthenshire’s Kindness

Sir Garedig – Sharing Carmarthenshire’s Kindness

THROUGHOUT Carmarthenshire, communities and businesses have come together to help wherever they can offering both practical and emotional support.

Residents and businesses across the county are showing remarkable community spirit by helping and supporting those in need in their communities during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

A large number of people are in isolation at home which leaves them unable to carry out tasks and errands for themselves. And those who are able to can contribute in a way which makes a real difference.

A number of voluntary groups have been set up to help wherever they can, offering both practical and emotional support – and it is truly amazing to see.

SirGâredig – Sharing Carmarthenshire’s Kindness will connect people in need, with those that can help. It will provide a focal point for community activities and encourage people to share stories of kindness. SirGâredig is about helping people to help each other, as we all get through this together.

For further information regarding the assistance that is available in your ward, you can contact your local Councillor or call 01267 234567 between 8.30 am and 6 pm five days a week.

Also, you can add your business/group to with your business/group name, a brief description of what you are doing, how people can get in touch e.g Facebook/web link, e-mail and/or phone number and the area that you are working in. We can add new areas and types of service if they aren’t already listed in the drop-down menus. If you are an individual, find out how you too can volunteer to help in your community.


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