Saturday, April 1, 2023
Silent firework campaign a ‘barking’ success

Silent firework campaign a ‘barking’ success

JUST a few more than one man and his dog  were at Burry Port yesterday, Saturday (Mar 25) for the Silent Firework Campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to reduce the use of fireworks due to the impact it has not only on people but on  dogs and other animals.

The event provided an opportunity for animal lowers to talk about some of the problems that fireworks are causing.

Attendees had come from across Carmarthenshire to support the event.

Petition forms were handed out and the campaign ended with a large group photo-shoot of the attendees and their best canine friends.

Speaking to Llanelli Online after the event Burry Port Town Councillor Amanda Fox said: “We can’t stop fireworks but we would like to encourage people to go to the orgainised events. We are trying to stop the fireworks that go off without any warning.

“Why should wildlife suffer? A lady in the Gower had a horse who had such a fright from the fireworks it ran until it had a heart attack. It’s wrong.”

Fellow Town Councillor John James added: “We have had countless meetings, sent communications to celebrities and have ended up with petitions going around the area and then on to Westminster.”

Nia Griffith MP was also at the event. Speaking to our reporter Iwan Lewis she said: “The campaign today is for silent fireworks, which is in favour of public displays.

“If people want to have fireworks at home they can get fireworks that don’t make a huge bang and this means people can still enjoy them and in doing so not cause any problems for pets.”

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