Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Shiver me timbers it’s a booty of ‘Gooseneck Barnacles’

Shiver me timbers it’s a booty of ‘Gooseneck Barnacles’

What looks to be part of a cargo of ‘gooseneck barnacles’ has washed up on the beach at Burry Port. The crustaceans, which are much sought after in other parts of the world and can cost a pretty penny were spotted on the beach today, Monday (Aug 28).

The rare delicacy can fetch a handsome sum of money in Spain where local fishermen risk their lives on the country’s ‘Coast of Death’ in Galicia searching for them. Gourmets have been known to pay €100 a plateful in some restaurants.

It is not known how these much sought after crustaceans got to Burry Port but one observer said that they were fastened to a large piece of wood and speculated that they could have been part of a cargo lost at sea.

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