Thursday, December 8, 2022
Shadow Energy and Climate minister visits Kidwelly

Shadow Energy and Climate minister visits Kidwelly

LABOUR Shadow Energy and Climate minister Alan Whitehead spoke at Gwenllian Hall in Kidwelly about the climate crisis, criticising the Westminster Government for not being proactive enough about the issue.

Mr Whitehead said: “We need bold, radical action now, if we are to come anywhere near reducing our emissions enough by 2050, to slow down global warming and tackle climate change.”

“We need a step change in the pace of investment in renewable energy sources, in order to meet, not just the gap left as we switch off our old coal-fired power stations and gradually move off gas, but also to meet the increased demand for electricity that we will see as we switch to running more of our transport on electricity.”

“Insulating and improving the energy efficiency of our existing housing stock needs to be done on a comprehensive scale, street by street – that is why Labour is saying this has to be delivered by National Government and local councils, and not to some piecemeal scheme where unscrupulous traders can rip off householders. And for new build homes, we should immediately introduce a zero carbon homes standard – plans for which have been abandoned by the current Conservative Government.”

“And then we come to land use, where we will need to see a very extensive tree planting and management scheme, to help absorb emissions – the UK is currently one of the least afforested countries in Europe, and that will have to change.”

Llanelli MP Nia Griffith, who was also present at the meeting, said: “Alan has worked hard on the detail of how we can tackle climate change, what we need to do and the scale of the transformation that is needed.”

“To deliver this, we need a UK Labour Government, which puts the climate crisis at the heart of policy, and is prepared to intervene and use the levers of government to make it happen.”

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