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Senedd a ‘miasma of political corruption’ says Neil Hamilton

Senedd a ‘miasma of political corruption’ says Neil Hamilton

UKIP’s Neil Hamilton has unleashed his wrath on the Senedd and its politicians calling it a ‘miasma of political corruption’.

In the run up to the elections Mr Hamilton gave an interview to Wales News Online in which he said that people including David Cameron said UKIP were ‘loonies’ and ‘fruitcakes’ but were proven wrong.

Mr Hamilton said: “Our focus is on what sort of Wales do we want post Brexit. Mark Drakeford wants Plaid Cymru to prop up a Welsh Labour Government. People should have a chance to give their verdict.”

“The Senedd is a power structure which never changes hands and therefore represents the interests of those who control the levers of power, posturing politicians in Cardiff Bay who are feathering their own nests. It’s been great deal for politicians on the gravy train, it’s been a very bad deal for voters in Wales.”

Mr Hamilton was scathing about Welsh Labour saying: “We all know Welsh Labour is a tribe. There has not been one single rebellion by a single Labour Assembly member in the five years I have been in the Senedd. Nobody dares oppose the party line. I describe them as a Terracotta Army of politicians. They sit their mute and immobile in spite of any injustice and any incompetence. We don’t have a real parliament in Wales because there is never any change in government. A terracotta Army, North Korea style tribal loyalty imposed on all those that sit as Labour members.

He was equally scathing of Plaid Cymru, he said: “Plaid Cymru aren’t interested in the views of the people especially issues like Welsh language, getting rid of statues to Welsh heroes, imposing mandatory Welsh on people who don’t want it.

“My view is that although I wouldn’t say that all politicians are  venal and self serving it is certainly very convenient to have a salary of £70,000 per year plus. You can get detached from the interests of the people you serve.

“I think this (the Senedd) is a miasma of political corruption, which affects the whole of Wales.”

You can listen to the full interview here:

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