Security marking to crack down on rural crime

POLICE are cracking down on rural crime with a security marking day for farming and rural communities.

Dyfed-Powys Police has joined forces with security-marking scheme CESAR, and are offering discounted marking of machinery ranging from tractors and quad bikes to Land Rovers and plant machinery.

Each item will be fitted with a non-removable sticker, a traceable transponder, hidden microchips and 1,000 identifiable dots of DNA water solution which is detectable under ultraviolet light.

PC Martin Dickenson, of Carmarthenshire Rural Crime Team, said: “Home Office research suggests that you are four times less likely to have your machinery stolen if fitted with the CESAR marking technology, and six times more likely to get it recovered if it is subsequently stolen.

“Some insurers offer significant insurance premium reductions if your machine is fitted with CESAR.

“Farmers invest a significant amount of money in their machinery, which is vital to their work, and we are offering a chance to protect assets with an approved scheme at a discounted price.”

The event will take place in Carmarthenshire during the spring.

Dates will be set once a level of interest has been established. If you wish for your equipment to be security marked at this event, you will be allocated a time to attend to minimise disruption to your day.

Anyone interested in attending the event should contact

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