Sunday, March 26, 2023
Section 106 cash splashed on ‘Super Park’ for Burry Port

Section 106 cash splashed on ‘Super Park’ for Burry Port

BURRY Port has a brand new state of the art playground thanks to Section 106 money from developers.

Speaking to Llanelli Online and providing a sneak peek at what locals and visitors can expect when the park opens in early spring, County Councillors John James and Amanda Fox were beaming with delight at what had been created.

Cllr James said: “It is something that has been in great need for the harbour area for visitors and local children.

“The Section 106 was to use for recreation. We wanted to put it here and we wanted all ages to be catered for. It has been in the planning for two years. We are hoping to have it up and running in early spring.

Happy as Larry with new park: Cllrs Amanda Fox and John James

“We have never had a park at the harbour. There is one in the town but it is a long walk down here. This will cater for everyone.

“We were going to have the playground near the dock but the walls needed doing and it would have put us back two years”

Cllr Amanda Fox was also in buoyant mood as she showed us around the shiningly new and colourful park.

She said:  “It is going to be a brilliant asset for Burry Port. Not only for the locals but you have people who come down to use the harbour and the beach. They can now stop off and use it.”

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