Seaside residents demand council action on fly infestation

Seaside residents demand council action on fly infestation

RESIDENTS in Seaside are demanding swift action by the county council to investigate industrial premises in the area claiming that this may be the cause of the infestation of flies.

The calls were made today, Wednesday (May 30) by a group of Seaside residents who met with our reporter Iwan Lewis to express their anger at the lack of action from the authorities.

Some residents suggested witholding rents and council tax including one lady who is looking after her elderly father who suffers from dementia. She told Llanelli Online that her father was in a ‘living hell’ and that she had concerns for his health.

The story of the flies has made the national news. Local councillor John Prosser has urged the county council to pull out all the stops to get to the bottom of the problem.

Although Dwr Cymru claim that no major work is taking place on the sewer system, some residents claim that they can smell foul water at night. Many residents have to live indoors with doors and windows firmly shut in the sweltering heat.

The problem of the flies has spread right across the town from Burry Port in the West to Bynea in the East.

Local stores have had a run on fly spray, fly strips and electric fly zappers. Many residents are complaining of the cost incurred. BBC Radio Wales likened the infestation to something of biblical proportions.

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You can watch our interview with one of the group’s spokespersons at Seaside here.

Seaside residents speak out over infestation of flies from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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