Saturday, January 28, 2023
School travel passes issued

School travel passes issued

SCHOOLCHILDREN in Carmarthenshire who travel to school by bus should now have received their Travel Passes ready for September.

Over 5,000 Travel Passes have been posted out, but anyone who has not received their pass is urged to contact the council immediately on 01267 228 326.

Some families may have changed address during the last year and have forgotten to tell us, which means their travel passes could have been sent to the old address.

It is also possible that some parents have forgotten to apply for transport. If this is the case, unfortunately it is now too late to be added to the arrangements for the start of the new term. However, if you think your child is eligible for free transport but haven’t yet applied we would urge you to submit your applications online at  as soon as possible so that if eligible we can try to accommodate you as soon as we can.

Parents are also urged to ensure that the stopping details shown on the Travel Passes are correct, as bus and taxi drivers will only be able to pick up and drop off pupils at the locations shown on their Travel Passes, and the vehicles will only

stop at the points show on the timetables, which are available online

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