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Sandy Road sacrifice for Council’s 210 North Dock home development scheme

Sandy Road sacrifice for Council’s 210 North Dock home development scheme

Dear Editor,

During this unprecedented period of Lockdown we are unable to hold public meetings especially on vital issues that will badly affect Sandy Road residents and the wider community, the only way of getting information to you is through this leaflet. You may agree with some, all or none of the points made, all suggestions to improve the traffic congestion and air quality made by residents are true and they have continually canvassed at all representative levels since the mid 1980’s to no avail. Our representatives show an initial interest, then do nothing positive to ease traffic congestion and pollution, with the exception of one Councillor I am not allowed to name in case of being accused of political bias.

Sandy Road will face the main brunt, with the predicted removal of frontages of many homes, we hoped for a by-pass, never this degree of intrusion, I believe that for compulsory purchase all residents must agree to it, and are other areas safe as traffic increases ?

Carmarthenshire County Council’s Planning Committee has approved Planning Permission for 210 houses on the former Pontrilais Factory site on the West side of Llanelli’s North Dock, provided the traffic flow in Sandy Road can be improved.

The Council employed Atkins to conduct a study to try and achieve this
I contacted Atkins on (01792) 633504, e mail chris.davies@atkinsglobal.com
I asked how Atkins could possibly conduct traffic flow assessment at a time of “Lockdown” they said the Council had already supplied traffic flow figures with no record of their date.

Calling for action on pollution in Sandy Road: Ray Jones

Traffic flow figures since the 1990’s showed yearly increases until 2015 when this information was no longer supplied, at that time 22,000 vehicles a day (154,000 weekly) .
The World Health (WHO) limit on air pollution from traffic NO2 is 40 ugm-3 similarly like traffic flow figures Air Pollution deteriorates year on year exceeding well over the safety limit.
Last year 2020 even in (Lockdown) Sandy Road’s figure still reached 39.80 ugms, (NO2) the 3rd worst road in Carmarthenshire.
NO2 & PM (Particulate Matter) contribute to 36,000 deaths a year (Vehicle Exhaust Fumes)
PM a low level pollutant badly affects children has never been measured by the Council.
Star’s Doctor’s Notes (page 32) :- Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a common type of sight loss that’s progressive and irreversible, a new study has revealed people who live in areas of high Air Pollution are more likely to suffer from it. (PM2.5) 8% greater risk

The only permanent road infrastructure plan for all future housing developments that increase traffic flow and air pollution on Sandy Road is a By-Pass, I gave Atkins a feasible plan that will achieve this. Copies available, djones74@sky.com

Many suggestions have been made to alleviate the problem and share the burden should a by-pass not be built :-
(1) Moving the traffic lights to Denham Avenue where Sandy Road is wider and better able to cope with three lanes.
(2) Moving the mini roundabout to the Maesycoed, where delays would be reduced as traffic wishing to turn right at Maesycoed would have the “right of way” at the mini roundabout.
No right turn at Maesycoed and sending the traffic to Denham Avenue would be a disaster, the road and its junction with Iscoed Road is not wide enough and could not cope with the volume, size and weight of vehicles – The sewers have collapsed once, they will again.
Both roads have 20mph speed limits and 7.5 tonne weight “access only” restrictions that are totally ignored, buses weigh over 11 tonnes but still use them as regular routes.
(3) A “One way System” – Travelling West down Sandpiper Road and East up Sandy Road. Half the congestion and half the pollution.
(4) An eastern exit via Stradey Park Avenue or the Travellers Lane during Ysgol Ffwrnes start and finish times to ease the pressure on Sandy Road and Denham Avenue drastically for the vital limited few hours in the day when traffic congestion is at it’s worst.,

Even a permanent exit here as was planned on the Stradey development site plans initially, why didn’t it materialise ? Are other areas more important than ours.

If traffic travelling towards Llanelli “Signal Flash” cars coming from Llanelli and allow them time to turn into Maesycoed safely, there will be far less delays or traffic build ups.
Erect a sign “Please give way to allow oncoming traffic to turn right”

Is “compulsory purchase” of the fronts of houses in order to widen the road top of the Council’s priority list, houses already suffering from “vibration damage” where many people have bad respiratory illnesses. Both scenarios will worsen causing untold misery just to build 210 new houses that are far away from our area. Is it to cash in on “council tax”

Sandy Road residents have flooding issues in their lane which never existed before the Stradey Park Development was built. Residents fought against this development and even though it was a foregone conclusion, they managed to reduce the houses built by 100 from 455 to 355, otherwise this scenario would have been worse , .

We lost £5.6m of Section 106 funding already, ours by right to mitigate problems the 355 Stradey site houses might pose. The money went to Parc y Scarlets instead.

With many future developments in the pipeline creating more traffic congestion that will use Sandy Road, what will the Council do next, especially as no other infrastructure alternative exists, what is the new “level crossing” over the railway by the “Sosban Restaurant” for ?

THE ONLY ANSWER IS A BY-PASS – We continually canvass Westminster & Cardiff on this, they are putting cycle paths before residents. A system can be built to encompass both the by-pass and cycle paths with a few bridges as is shown on the plan mentioned earlier.

There is an established cycle path, so why do cyclists still use the main road two or three abreast and endanger pedestrians by racing on our pavements.

When Llanelli Steel Works closed the Sandy Road By-Pass was planned to be built on one side of Sandpiper Road, the Council turned this down in favour of more Council Tax gains

Sandy Road residents should apply/campaign for a vast reduction in Council Tax !

A copy of the final report from Atkins has been requested to ensure that they have taken our concerns seriously, or will they, our representatives and the Council ignore us.

Trying to find solutions: Lee Waters and Nia Griffith MP

Where do local politicians stand and what will they do to stop this blight on our homes, or will they do nothing?

The Assembly Government are supporting the Hendy M4 road improvement with £2.9m grant but show no support for a Sandy Road By-Pass.

Thursday, May 6th 2021 – National Assembly Elections. Cofio

Ray Jones, Sandy Road resident

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