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Sandy Rd, Pollution, Politicians and IQ

Sandy Rd, Pollution, Politicians and IQ

Dear Editor, Both our politicians have ‘urged officers from Carmarthenshire Council to take stronger action on Sandy Roads traffic problems’ however these are not only a Sandy Road traffic problem but a problem for the whole of Llanelli and the only positive answer is a By-Pass which both have said while they represent us, they will never support it.

400 people took part in the consultation set up by them and even though 2,350 people signed a petition for a By-Pass there it has been pushed aside as if it will never happen, Mr. Waters has his own vision, is cycling more important than Llanelli’s traffic congestion which due to massive future development will only worsen.

It is a year now since Mr Waters’ ‘Car Sharing, Staggered Starts’ initiative for the schools and the college and he has got absolutely nowhere, the Council wanted to put trees and plants all along Sandy Road to dilute the air pollution, the area proposed for the By-Pass has a ‘forest’ that would do just that, take the traffic away from the A484 and place it where the pollution would be massively diluted, that has to be a ‘win, win’ situation. And build two steel bridges for the cycle path to traverse the By-Pass, but Mr. Waters states that the road would spoil the serenity for the cyclists, who choose to cycle on the roads when cycle paths are next to them, and use pavements which endanger pedestrians.

Mr Waters is promoting the Wellness Centre proposed at Delta Lakes and asked us what the Council could do to improve our health, I said built me a By-Pass so I can breathe fresh clean air, my words were dismissed as out of hand, he wasn’t happy I was not taking his lack of support laying down.

I watched a documentary recently, a middle eastern President agreed with all the people he met, the narrator said this was a classic example of ‘looking good, stalling for time, and doing nothing other than what he wanted’.

The consultation suggests a road from the housing development to the Sandpiper Roundabout, so will any objections from the residents affected be dismissed as irrelevant, they need not worry, this will never happen but it looks good for the ‘headlines and the stalling concept’ look to be doing something, whilst knowing full well nothing will happen, and blaming others. In the long term, we drastically need to improve bus services in and around Llanelli, services that meet people’s everyday needs.

The Assembly have just cut back drastically on Council budgets, does this include, no more cycle path millions. The only item I agree with in the article is that the Council are complacent, complain to them, if you are forceful enough they come out, look at the problem, agree with you and then stall, eventually do nothing, even though you are right, there are safety issues all round Sandy, Iscoed and the Ysgol Ffwrnes, when will they do anything, after we have a fatal injury?

A comment that is so far off the mark was made by Head of Transportation, Stephen Pilliner “We have revised timings of signals with specific time and traffic sensitive settings and modified the road layout at Maes-y-Coed which has reduced traffic delays in the area by around 30%.” Really 30% so where is the proof?

Mr. Pilliner, you’re in the wrong occupation, you should have been a politician, we live here, traffic is increasing, air pollution getting worse, the lead in petrol and diesel affects the IQ function of the brain, a televised documentary on how fashion pollutes the planet recently confirmed the lead danger to the brain and there is plenty of lead in NO2 Give it another year and we shall be in a worse predicament with far more developments along the route, perhaps complacency is not the best way to describe the attitudes of Council and politicians, dismissive might be more accurate.

Political pipe dreams will never materialise, we will all be dead, so roll on the next elections, very many friends and I will have to learn to also be ‘dismissive’ we want representatives to represent us now, and put us before any ambitions, because those ambitions really would be ‘pipe dreams’.

Yours Sincerely Ray Jones

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