Monday, February 6, 2023
Be safe and be seen this halloween

Be safe and be seen this halloween

BE safe and be seen this Halloween, is the message from Carmarthenshire County Council’s road safety team.

To coincide with the clocks going back on Sunday, October 29 the prevention team is launching its annual ‘Be Seen’ campaign.

As the evenings become dark earlier and it becomes more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, children are being encouraged to wear bright or fluorescent clothing by day and reflective by night.

Reflective materials reflect the light from car headlights and at night-time can be seen up to three times as far away as non-reflective materials. However, reflective materials are not as effective during daylight.

The council’s executive board member for environment, Cllr Hazel Evans, said: “It is really important therefore that we help our children by making sure they not only understand the risk from the dangers of traffic, but that they must be seen to be safe. Even in daylight, poor light or weather conditions can impair a driver’s view. Always wear something bright or fluorescent when walking during the day and reflective material in the night especially when out and about near roads. If you are planning to go out and about this Halloween, we want you to enjoy, but remember – just because you can see the driver, doesn’t mean the driver can see you! Be safe. Be seen!”

Advice for parents:
. make sure your child can be easily seen, especially at night, on dark days and in bad weather;
. explain to your child why they should always wear something bright;
. bright or fluorescent clothes show up best by day, especially in dull or misty weather;
. in the dark, reflective material is best and shows up in car headlights. Remember, fluorescent clothing doesn’t work after dark;
. it is an offence to cycle at night without a white front light, a red back light and a red reflector at the back, so make sure that your child’s bike is properly equipped     and working

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