Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Rubbish Rats and Cats Spell Misery At Bryn Road

An Independent candidate for the local elections claims that Llanelli is in need of a good clean up. John Evan Jones (70) is a former County Councillor and is standing as an independent candidate for the Glanymor Ward.

Speaking to Llanelli Online about the problems of rubbish and rats near to his home in Nelson Terrace he said: “There is rubbish in our back lanes especially in Bryn Terrace and Bryn Road. Some of it has recently been fly tipped. I have reported it to Carmarthenshire County Council and they gave me a code number. Some was dumped this morning, Friday (Apr 21). Some has been in the back lane for a long time. I have asked for a sweeper to come along.

Mr Jones continued: “Black bags have been put out with food in and cats and rats have opened them. It is a problem but I hope the council will clear it up. I have been waiting a week so far. Louvain Roberts and Winston Lemon are the councillors here. I have not contacted them.

Asked if things had become worse since the demise of the Llanelli Borough Council Mr Jones said: “I was a county councillor 2008 – 2012. I just want to make things better. A high priority for me would be trying to stop this. I have the freedom to do it as an independent. The dumping and rubbish is a big problem in Llanelli. They need to improve the cleanliness for the whole area. There are no carts or sweepers anymore. It is the cost I suppose. I would be lobbying the AM and MP. I don’t think they are getting enough money.

Asked if he believed that those complaining would be seen as whingers he said: “They are justified in their complaints, they are not whingers or complainers. Llanelli has the highest population. We should have more money.”

Speaking about the area he lives in Mr Jones continued: “Nelson Terrace is a nice place to live. We are near the sea and the beach. They just need to pull their socks up and get it sorted.”

Llanelli Online contacted Carmarthenshire County Council. Carmarthenshire County Council environmental enforcement manager Paul Morris said: “We received a complaint at 3pm last Friday (April 21) and it is on our officer’s work schedule for today. He will go out and investigate it.”

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