Room without a view

Room without a view

Traeth Bychan Apartment in Bwlchygwynt, Machynys

RESIDENTS in the ‘posh’ residences along the waterfront at Machynys have aired their concerns regarding the sudden appearance of scaffolding towering into the sky in front of apartment blocks which are predominantly used to accommodate tourists.

This includes visitors from the USA and all over Europe.

The scaffolding, which has been erected in recent weeks is also set to be covered in netting.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: “We are not sure how long the scaffolding will be in place. I understand that part of the façade blew off and landed on a nearby roof and that there have been some discussions as to who is responsible for repairing the damage.

“What concerns me is that the footpath has had to be closed and I believe they even had to reroute the races which usually pass through here.

“It is a real blot on the landscape and I can’t imagine anyone travelling all the way from America to have a room with that view when usually they are able to see an un spoilt vista of the Burry Inlet from Loughor to Rhossili.

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“All they will see now is metal and netting.”

A spokesman for Charles Church West Wales said: “This apartment block suffered roof damage during a registered storm.

“Repairs are currently being carried out from the scaffold.”

It is not known how long the scaffolding will be up for.

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