Monday, June 5, 2023

RNIB launch innovative service

The RNIB have launched an innovative new service aimed at bridging the gap between those with and without the internet.

It provides information and advice about living with sight loss, alongside popular magazines, whilst RNIB Connect will keep you in touch with their monthly magazine, weekly connect and tech talk podcasts. You do not need an internet connection to use this service, and it is a standard telephone number, so you may find that your calls are included.

For example, BT give most customers free calls of up to an hour at the weekend, but check first if in doubt. The telephone number to dial 24 hours a day is 0203 4321 488.

If you do not have a hands-free telephone, you can purchase something like the BT Big Button 200 for around £20 on the high street, or order a telephone from the RNIB shop. Their helpline and shop can be reached by pressing *1 from this new service.

One of the innovative features of this service is that it gives you complete control over playback; you can fast forward and rewind as well as skipping tracks using your telephone keypad. And if you need to answer the door, you can hang up and when you call back the same day, it will remember where you were last listening.

That telephone number again for the information line, helpline and shop is 0203 4321 488.

Did you know that similar type of service is available from many of the UK’s local talking newspapers? Your local talking newspaper’s latest edition may be just a local call away, without you needing any equipment or an internet connection. Just contact your local talking newspaper on to ask about this service.

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