Saturday, December 3, 2022
Residents see red as work on Capel lights continues

Residents see red as work on Capel lights continues

Work to install traffic lights on Capel Isaf road look to be going ahead despite a backlash from residents.

In a meeting on Friday July 19th, the plans were voted against unanimously with several councillors calling for a pause in the plans, but this appears to have been overruled by Carmarthenshire County Council.

The traffic lights were due to be installed next month, but it appears the process has been accelerated considerably, with Western Power now laying the groundwork for the installation of the lights.

Residents have taken to social media to call out these developments:

“The last few days have well and truly proven that Carmarthenshire County Council are full of scheming COWARDS who are more concerned with their own agendas than listening to the needs and wants of their townspeople.” One resident posted on the council’s facebook page.

Comments continue to be posted on the Capel Area Residents Facebook page, which has been vocal in condemning these plans. One commentator said: “Carmarthenshire County Council don’t allow democracy. Town council voted unanimously against the planning, CCC overruled. Where’s the democracy? Where’s the public’s chance to have a say?”

“Maybe it’s something to do with the fact that Pobl have already paid the local authority £150,000 for these lights.”

Speaking to Llanelli Online Lee Waters commented:

“Since the public meeting Nia Griffith MP and I organised ten days ago, I’ve been working to ensure that the lights aren’t switched on and other options are tried.

“The council need to listen to the voice of residents and make sure that there isn’t a build-up of congestion along Capel Isaf Rd. No one wants to see another Sandy Road. “

Nia Griffith MP told us: “There was a strong unanimous feeling from residents at a meeting Lee and I organised this month to halt and rethink plans for traffic lights on the Capel Isaf Rd / Capel Rd mini-roundabout, before it becomes another Sandy Rd bottleneck.

“It is crazy to say that there cannot be any change to the plans to replace the mini roundabout with permanent lights.

“The Council must look at other options and prevent traffic jams at all costs.”

The Council’s head of transport, Stephen Piliner said: “Improvement works are currently underway at Frondeg Terrace Llanelli and are in accordance with the approved planning consent. The works include the introduction of a signalised junction to enable safe access to the recently constructed housing development. The works will also ensure the safe passage of traffic and pedestrian use, relative to the highway function and level of use.”

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