Friday, January 27, 2023
Residents protest over Capel Isaf Road development becoming Sandy Rd MK2

Residents protest over Capel Isaf Road development becoming Sandy Rd MK2

RESIDENTS of Capel Isaf Road in Llanelli were unanimous in voicing their opposition to the installation of new traffic lights at a meeting on Friday night. Local Assembly Member Lee Waters and Nia Griffith MP called a public meeting after receiving complaints about a huge increase in congestion following the installation of temporary lights.

Permanent lights are due to be installed next month following completion of 29 new homes on land adjoining Capel Isaf Rd. Carmarthenshire County Council will install a new four way light system on the junction of Capel Isaf and Capel Roads, which is currently controlled by a mini roundabout.

At the meeting residents called on the council for a pause in the rollout of the new lights to see how the road copes with traffic from the new houses. Lee Waters AM and Nia Griffith MP will be working with local councillors Rob James and Rob Evans to put pressure on the council to listen to residents.

Capel Isaf Road

Lee Waters AM said: “The council need to listen to local opinion. It’s just not good enough to say “that ship has sailed” in response to practical suggestions, like a representative of the council did on Friday.”

“The strength of feeling and opposition to these lights is clear. We can’t let a build up of congestion and pollution harm people’s health in this area.”

Significant congestion caused by temporary lights has lead to fears that the area will see a repeat of the problems caused by traffic lights on Sandy Road once the proposed work is complete. Sandy Rd has seen a huge build up of traffic and congestion and the local AM and MP have been at the centre of calls for changes there.

Nia Griffith MP said: “It is crazy to say that there cannot be any change to the plans going forward. One positive suggestion was to use the lights as pedestrian controlled, so that pedestrians could cross the road safely, but the lights would only come on when used by pedestrians – and so not cause the intolerable build up of traffic outside residents’ front doors and the frustration to drivers of long tailbacks.”

We drove to Capel Road today and found that the mini roundabout was working perfectly. We then drove to Sandy Road where we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic due to the lights.

A mini roundabout working perfectly at Capel

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