Saturday, January 28, 2023
Resident’s plea ‘Let’s restore pride to Seaside’

Resident’s plea ‘Let’s restore pride to Seaside’

BLOOD spattered streets, screams and gunshots in the night.

It’s not a Bronx movie.

Drug gang warfare appears to have broken out in Seaside.

Not a movie script but a fast moving real life possible “County Lines” incident in South Llanelli.

The 3,000 residents of Seaside have been in lockdown with names taken as they leave the clamp cordon round their homes.

The popular and busy Best One (formerly Spar) shop in Marine Street has been out of bounds with no newspaper deliveries and closed to shoppers.

Forensic officers have been on their hands and knees swabbing blood samples from the roads in four different locations.

Shop Worker Jill Phillips, of Catherine Street said: “We have had enough. This proud and decent community has become the Bronx.

“We have just had a multi-million pound school Ysgol Pen Rhos open on our doorstep and at its gates we have police tape like carnival bunting. What did those 400-odd kiddies think this morning on the chaotic school run through all the mayhem.”

One resident too scared to speak because of possible retaliation against the family said: “I heard the blood curdling scream and called the police just after 10pm.

“Separate incidents started to break out through the night as if reserve drug gangs had been summoned.

“The police seem to be struggling to stifle the drug barons pulling the strings of puppet peddlers in our streets.”

Mandy Carter of Caroline Street has called a public meeting on Monday (April 1) at Seaside Sports and Social Club to try and stamp out the drug culture she believes is the root of their evil.

“We don’t need rat catchers in Seaside. We have got our own vermin. It is time to get rid,” she said.

She claimed the police, councils, housing associations, irresponsible landlords and other agencies paid lip service but were slow or unable to react to the community’s plea for help.

“We’’ take the battle on ourselves unless there is a deliberate effort to help. Enough is enough.

“If someone hasn’t been killed already (because they won’t tell us) someone soon will be.

“My daughter-in-law on her way to London this morning said the police hunt for the drug runners seemed to have spilled over to the M4 with police on bridges and queues of traffic building up to Port Talbot.

“Hopefully they were chasing the County Lines gangs out of Llanelli?

“My daughter on her way to see a show in London said she was going to buy a stab vest in London before returning to Llanelli to make her feel safe. She was not joking!

“Just weeks ago we had a massive much publicised drugs bust court case in the no-name street that runs from Caroline Street to Marine Street passed the park and were assured that our troubles were over. Now it has escalated to movie blockbuster proportions.

“Officialdom has lost control. We need to take urgent steps taking no more fob off platitudes. The time has come to protect our own, our community and restore the pride to Seaside.”

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