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Residents insist councillors ‘steamrollered’ car park closure plans at Machynys

Residents insist councillors ‘steamrollered’ car park closure plans at Machynys

RESIDENTS in Machynys have insisted that there was no consultation or planning notice before a well used free car parking area was closed off by the council with bollards and a gate.

Jude and Jason Dale both local residents contacted Llanelli Online today, Sunday (Mar 3) to share the results of an FOI request to the council regarding the communication between the two ward councillors, Cllr John Prosser and Cllr Louvain Roberts and council officers.

According to some local residents the two councillors gave their full support to the closure of the parking area without any consultation. A claim, which was denied at the time in a statement by Cllr Prosser.

Jude and Jason Dale said: “There are a couple of issues we would like to highlight, the main one being the lack of consultation with residents.

“It is extremely disappointing to discover that the installation of the gate and bollards was discussed back in May 2018, supported by Cllrs Prosser and Roberts.

“As these were not put in place until this January year, surely there was enough time to consult residents of the surrounding area? Where were the planning notices?

“A proper and thorough consultation of the local neighbourhoods should have been done to find a solution that would have benefited local residents and visitors alike.

“This fiasco has robbed Llanelli of one of the few lovely parking spots where folks could access the beach for free.

“It’s put peoples backs up towards local residents who had no part in this decision and has more worryingly made the road more unsafe, as now there are more cars parked on it.”

We contacted Cllr John Prosser and Louvian Roberts for a comment at the time. We asked: Were plans submitted for the gate and barriers? Why did you agree to the gate and barriers and on what evidence did you believe it was needed? Who did you consult?

Cllr Roberts said: “No comment.”

Cllr John Prosser, County Councillor for the Glanymor ward of Llanelli, said: “After numerous complaints from local residents, we reported the safety issues with excessive parking on the waste land behind Pentre Nicklaus estate to Carmarthenshire County Council.

“After reviewing the safety concerns raised by residents, Council officers took the decision to block access to the land.”

Local councillor Sean Rees said: “Despite reports that Councillors are in favour, the County Councillors for the area may be but as one of the Town Councillors, I have not made a request for this gate and pillars to be placed in their current location. In fact, the first I heard of this happening was in the local media.

“Parking on the road itself has been a problem although by putting up a gate and pillars, I can’t help but feel this will now escalate the problem further as double yellow lines are already being ignored and cars will try parking in the surrounding residential area.”

Copies of the FOI emails are below.

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