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Residents claim council ‘misled’ house buyers over road development

Residents claim council ‘misled’ house buyers over road development

RESIDENTS at Capel Isaf near a building development at Frondeg Terrace in Llanelli are up in arms over what some of them claim is a case of ‘allegedly’ being ‘misled’ by Carmarthenshire County Council when they purchased their homes. More than 100 residents have attended a meeting with Llanelli’s MP Nia Griffith to try and resolve the issue.

Jonathan Rudall who lives near the new development has written to the county council to demand that they consider his requests to look at documentation relating to searches he claims were submitted prior to purchasing his home.

Mr Rudall claims he has presented legal, up to date documents disproving the ‘traffic calming’ which is referred to in section 3 of his local authority searches.

Unhappy about new road development: Jonathan Rudall

Mr Rudall wrote:

“I would like your urgent assistance. I asked for a meeting to take place at Glenalla Hall, Llanelli regarding the current situation at Capel Isaf Road and the ongoing housing development with Jehu Contractors. This thankfully took place last Friday, 12th July at 6pm, present were representatives of Pobl, the council’s Richard Walters, Nia Griffith, Lee Waters and several county and town councillors. Almost 100 residents showed up also to raise their concerns regarding the traffic lights which were going ahead without our knowledge whilst this development comes to a close.

“Basically, Mr Walters from the council said it was too late to stop these from going ahead, however , I have legal documentation from recent house purchase searches showing no road alteration or development. Mr Vivian Phillips, from Engineering, emailed me clear detailed approval of proposed housing development first submitted in April 2010, then determined in December 2014 within the said area. My solicitor, Lindsay Thorne, has provided me with the local authority searches that were carried out in December 2015, just before we completed, highlighting NO changes to any road works, traffic calming or alteration at all within 200 metres of our property. If anything had come of this legal search, I would not have purchased my property at 9 Capel Isaf Road based on what is happening right now, we live within 50 metres. This is illegal, the authority would and should have ensured any prospective works within these searches, my solicitor is livid at the fact this is the case, my wife is distraught.

“Temporary lights have been in place on and off for a while, given the demographics, the residents and contractors have had a nightmare due to the volume of traffic building up. We are now back to normal with our mini roundabout and traffic is flowing freely.

“Every resident and councillor present at the meeting demand an immediate halt to this traffic calming works. I have attached my legal searches for your perusal, you will clearly see how accurate our searches are as opposed to the council’s vague application summaries. These are application numbers 36707 and 22733.

“I would like to discuss this issue immediately, I have spoken in depth with Nia and the other residents, we need clarity from a legal authority perspective. It’s quite clear from our legal representative that we have been grossly misled when purchasing our house just as number 7 and 11 have also purchased in the last 4-5 years. This will not be allowed to continue by the residents.”

Linda Rees who represents the council’s Head of Administration and Law wrote back to Mr Rudall:

“The traffic lights were a condition imposed on the 2015 planning permission for the housing development off Frondeg Terrace. I understand that the site does not immediately about your own property, although it is in the general vicinity of it. Your solicitor used a personal search agent to conduct your search, so I don’t know the extent of the searches they conducted in December 2015 prior to you purchasing your property eg. whether they searched for proposals for nearby land. Maybe this is something your solicitor can clarify for you.

“So, I’m afraid that I cannot agree that you have been misled by this Authority.”

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