Sunday, April 2, 2023
Residents blame ‘Berlin Wall’ for flooding and back up of sewage

Residents blame ‘Berlin Wall’ for flooding and back up of sewage

Dear Editor

Many thanks for coming out to see the residents at Sandy Road and the Taylor Wimpey Stradey Housing Development.

It is a development when completed which will see around 350 homes completed, however the South Eastern Sector has now started with the erection of 14 foot high steel sheeting which was drilled and hammered into the ground with an exposed height of 7 foot. On top of this is an extra height layer of earth which has been compounded to form a 12 foot base for two and three storey houses to be built on top.

Whilst contractors hammered the steel sheets in place local residents experienced black oil like blockages to their sewerage system which is causing a health hazard.

Residents immediately contacted Welsh Water to help and they foundafter extensive “magic eye” inspection of the sewers that they had been badly fractured and that this was causing the blockages. Welsh Water are sending two tankers a day to keep on top of this filthy liquid, that is until a solution can be found.

A contractor on behalf of Welsh Water was in attendance yesterday and dug down to a depth of about 2 to 3 metres, in so doing they were unable to locate exactly where the fracture in the sewer pipe was (exposed by the magic eye camera). They noticed that the steel sheeting was starting to move under the pressure of the earth piled up on the development side. They immediately filled the hole back in and there is to be a meeting with Welsh Water and Taylor Wimpey to solve the problem.

Where the flood risk comes in is that the development land was acting as a soak-a-way for any down pouring of rain, now with the steel sheeting fence (more akin to the Berlin Wall) and flood will go directly into the local residents homes.

The development has to be halted until the whole situation is resolved, there is nowhere for any flood water to go but towards where locals live.

In my humble opinion the whole stretch of the lane (200 metres) has to have a new sewer (old one laid in Victorian times) and there has to be a drainage system incorporated to eliminate any flood danger.

The height of the development is a disgrace and the pressure it will bring on their retaining steel fence will be a safety risk.

I have attached photographic proof of the disgusting state of affairs.

Photos are of the steel wall,  the hole and earth dug out to seek the problem and various residents sewer inspection covers.

One resident who has just bought a bungalow on the edge of the site has experienced flooding in his garden since the steel wall was erected, he tackled Taylor Wimpey to allegedly be told “that’s your problem, sort it out yourself”


Ray Jones

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