7th August 2022

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In our regular updates from local councillors we bring you news from Burry Port via County Councillor Amanda Fox and County Councillor John James.

Works are due to begin from the 5th November in and around the outer harbour for approximately 3 weeks. These works are of an investigatory nature which are required for the preparation of planned repairs for the near future. Cllr. John James said: The planned work consists of:

• CCTV surveys of the drainage pipes and outfall into the harbour.

• Surveys for utility services present beneath the ground. • Excavations behind the Harbour Walls using an excavator to establish the wall profile.

• Horizontal and vertical drilling behind the walls using a tracked drilling rig to determine the potential for voiding behind the walls.

It has been confirmed that vessels will not be used in the undertaking of these investigations. Works will be undertaken from behind the Harbour Walls and with use of platforms over the top of the walls.

Cllr. Amanda Fox added: “General public safety will be paramount during this time and we stress that it must be noted that plant and machinery will be working and moving around the Harbour and crossing footpaths at this time. We have been assured that all the work scheduled for this period has been planned to minimise disruption to boat users and the general public. It is important that members of the general public keep a safe distance between themselves and the ongoing operations. What is important as well is the fact that the arrangements for carrying out this work have been made to ensure that there will not be any disruption with the contractor working on the new Lifeboat’s Life Saving Centre. The main remediation works are scheduled for next Spring to Autumn and again the aim will be to keep disruption to a minimum. Both Councillors welcomed the update from Neil Thomas, Senior Outdoor Recreation Manager for Carmarthenshire County Council who has given a commitment to keep the public informed regarding the work on Harbour area.”


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