Saturday, December 3, 2022
Red lights spell danger for local politicians

Red lights spell danger for local politicians

Dear editor,

Nia Griffith MP and A.M. Lee Waters continually refer to their “consultation on traffic problems” in and around Sandy Road in your article “Politicians call for trial switch-off of traffic lights” over the Bank Holiday weekend to see if the congestion would ease, typically this was only talk and never happened.

It was blatantly obvious as no traffic census cables had been laid to give proof of the result, or where there cameras to record the same, or a team of observers to witness the “pie in the sky” event, do our representatives have the starting traffic flow figures to compare – all the above is a resounding NO

The majority of the people who participated in the consultation (84 attended in person) clearly state that the long term and only real solution is a By-Pass which both of our representatives will never support.

Other solutions like an eastern exit out via Stradey Park Avenue or onto Sandy Bridge,, even a temporary exit there during school start and finish time would drastically ease the peak periods they will also not support.

These are sensible permanent solutions and what the public want, but our representatives are simply not listening, they are telling us what they want comes before the needs of the people who elected them.

Welsh Labour lost 13% of the vote in the European Elections because like Therea May on “Brexit” they will not listen, they put their beliefs and their party and ambitions before us, they might argue that Europe was a protest vote, we shall see in two years time how they feel when we vote them out as well.

More walking, more cycling to school, gving Sandy residents bushes and shrubs in their front gardens to reduce the well over the health limit on pollution.

Five years ago one pollution receptor was alarming close to breaking the health limit, now two measure well over that limit, they want children to walk to school breathing in this filthy air caused by vehicle emissions (NO2), the worse PM low laying pollutants that affect children are not recorded, I wonder why ?

Head of Highways and Transport Stephen Pilliner states that “tweaking the lights” has improved the traffic flows, who is he kidding, I live here, when was the last time he set foot in Sandy Road, it is getting worse by the day.

I must commend many Council Officers on ignoring correspondence, even to our representatives who put up with this, as they know the only answer to this disaster is a By-Pass.

Sandy Road residents face an extra danger other than the traffic on the road and the air pollution is the amount cycles that recklessly use the pavements, Lee Waters has worked tirelessly to obtain millions of pounds for cycle paths (well he would as an ex Chairman of Sustrans, this is what he wants) two such paths to Llangennech and the cyclists still travel two abreast on the main road.

Denham Avenue, Maes-y-Coed and around Ysgol Gymraeg Ffwrnes are becoming more and more dangerous, speeding vehicles, vehicles to heavy and should not be using the roads and the deliveries to the development for Taylor Wimpey, will anyone in authority take notice, not a “snowballs chance in hell” they will

Tweaking the lights and a Cosmetic Excercise meeting in Sandy Hall are only “box ticking” whilst the ever increasing traffic goes on and on.

We have the Welsh Government’s own Minister of Transport representing us, what good is that to us, he used to speak against the Newport By-Pass and all By-Passes, now that he is the man in charge, we hear nothing.

I created a “petition for a By-Pass” with near 2,500 signatures, why are all these people being ignored.

There is only one answer, give us a By-Pass or resign, or wait to lose both your seats.


Ray Jones

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