Rebecca celebrates as tolls disappear

REBECCA will be happy as the tolls on the Severn Crossing were dismantled on Sunday, Dec 16).

It is an historic day as the pay to cross from South West England to Wales came to an end at midnight. The work to demolish the tolls began in early December.

The schedule for today, Monday (Dec 17) is as follows:

The Prince of Wales bridge will reopen with three free flowing lanes. These will be narrow lanes with a 50mph speed limit to ensure the safety of drivers.

Payment to cross the estuary has been in place since Roman times. Not even Rebecca and her daughters were able to do anything about that. It took the return of the bridge to public ownership to bring what some believed to be an extortionate tax to an end.

Shortly after the opening of the Severn Bridge, Welsh poet Harri Webb wrote an Ode on the Severn Bridge:

Two lands at last connected
Across the waters wide,
And all the tolls collected
On the English side.

The removal of the toll is estimated to save commuters as much as £1,400 a year.

It is estimated that the removal of the tolls will boost the Welsh economy by £100m



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