Thursday, March 23, 2023
Reality check for life after Cinderella

Reality check for life after Cinderella

Reverend David Jones

‘O yes it is – O no it’s isn’t’ you’ve guessed. I’ve just come back from the Friendship Theatre groups pantomime ‘Cinderella’ at Y Ffwrness. We always take the children of the Junior church and youth club along with parents, grandparents and all those young of heart. Were we disappointed? Certainly not. It must be the best pantomime yet with every cast member from the hapless loveable Denny Twp to Cinderella and her Prince Charming falling instantly in love, a truly chilling step mother and her two daughters – the best ugly sisters ever, playing off each other that had the audience in stiches. The special effects, one of which was the royal carriage taking Cinderella to the ball ascending to the heights of ‘Y Ffwrness’ was exceptional and quite breath-taking. With songs, exceptional musical accompaniment and just the right amount of slapstick – it was all there. It’s no wonder the whole run is a sell out and even more money raised for children’s charities long may the Friendship Company grace the stage of Y Ffwrness – Well done!

Pantomime, of course, has a long tradition in British theatre probably dating back to the middle ages. Its origins go back even further to 16th Century Italy where touring theatre companies used dance, music and buffoonery to the delight of their audiences. Slapstick was an early development and audience participation was essential and of course, the happy ending – Boy gets girl, baddies are overcome and in the end, we can’t wait until next year.

Life of course, is not always that clear cut. We may look for peace and contentment for all in our world but more often than not it’s just not there. With countless millions caught up in conflicts and wars, cruel regimes which hold no value of human life and seemingly endless acts of terrorism resulting carnage and death. We may well ask if there ever be world peace or that day will come when irreconcilable differences are dealt with once and for all. The persistence of suffering in the world can test our faith in a loving God and answers to such questions seem a million miles away. It is then we need to believe that despite such evil ultimately good will triumph because God will have the final word when the whole drama of life is ended. Then as the Bible proclaims ‘there will be no more death or crying for the former things will have passed away’ The Kingdom will surely have come on earth as it is in heaven.

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