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Pupils showcase their talent at Ysgol Bryngwyn’s Eisteddfod

Pupils showcase their talent at Ysgol Bryngwyn’s Eisteddfod

YSGOL Bryngwyn’s Eisteddfod is always a great day but this year pupils and staff surpassed themselves.

The music department and Heads of House: Cothi, Lliedi, Morlais and Tywi have been busy preparing pupils to perform on the stage.

In the weeks leading up to the event, staff have also run departmental competitions for pupils to compete off-stage.

The hall was decorated with balloons in the House colours provided by “Precious Weddings and Events”. Many thanks to Gemma for the excellent service.

This year’s Eisteddfod began with our talented junior musicians playing a range of instruments. First place went to Tommy Williams who performed a medley of songs on the keyboard. Da iawn Tommy.

All of our vocalists were asked to sing a Welsh song this year. First to take to the stage was Dionne James from Lliedi, performing a Welsh rendition of Ed Sheeran’s hit “Perfect/ Perffaith” and setting the standard extremely high.

Mrs Parry, Head of Lliedi  House, told us “Dionne was inspired to sing Bronwen Lewis’ version of this song which she had performed on Scrum V”.

Dionne is a talented vocalist and her performance was literally perffaith. Dionne came a close second to the winner Ellen Jones, of Cothi House who performed “Anfonaf Angel” whilst accompanying herself on the keyboard. Ardderchog Ellen.

On to the Welsh recitation. This year’s poem was “Lliwiau” gan Ifan Gwilym in which the poet describes countries as different shapes and colours.

Yr Eidal/ Italy is an “esgid o saffir”, Seland Newydd is a “welingtonsen du a’i phen i waered” and Cymru is like “ceg draig goch yn agor.”

All four recitation groups made excellent use of props but Lliedi took first place for their performance which impressed the judges with their incorporation of the ‘haka’ as well as the Welsh National Anthem.

Standards were just as high in the Senior Instrumental where competitors played piano, violin or guitar.

Cothi’s Ellen Jones secured first place for her outstanding performance of “Nocturne in C Sharp Minor” by Chopin on the piano.

Morlais’ Liam Lewis may not have won the competition but his performance of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” on the guitar led to pupils from all houses spontaneously singing along.

Mrs Alderman, Head of Tywi House, commented “This is what happens in Bryngwyn. Our pupils always support the performers.”

From solo performers to groups, it was time to up the tempo with Dawnsio Gwerin. This year’s dance was Clawdd Offa and it was lovely to see an all-boys group representing Morlais house.

Head of House, Mrs Hartnell was very proud “The boys worked so hard, they have been an absolute joy from first rehearsal to final performance. Da iawn bechgyn.”

Junior vocalists were up next! For the second consecutive year first place was won by Cothi’s trio – Grace Williams, Olivia Evans and Rhys Thomas, performing “Ysbryd y Nos.”

Ms Longden, Head of Cothi was delighted “The quality of the harmonies and the excellent teamwork of the trio merits their success. Bendigedig.”

The last competition of the morning was the very popular Dawnsio Disgo which began with a very lively performance by Morlais Year 7 pupils who lit up the dance floor with their unstoppable energy.

Lliedi dancers gave us a mix of hip-hop, gymnastics and even baton-twirling! Cothi executed a high quality dance to the instrumental version of George Ezra’s “Shotgun” but were pipped to the post by Tywi dancers who performed to the instrumental version of “Familiar” incorporating some Latin American moves into their routine.

The score board at the end of the morning showed Cothi in first place, Lliedi and Tywi in joint second, with Morlais fourth.

The afternoon began with the Chairing ceremony led by Mr Adrian Davies. Bryngwyn pupils compete for the prestigious Chairing competitions in both Welsh and English.

This year they had to write a Welsh poem entitled either Fy Arwr (My Hero) or Fy Hoff Le (My Favourite Place). The winner was Alannah Morris AKA Vidovic from Cothi.

The theme for the English competition was Welsh myths and legends. Pupils had to rewrite or create their own.

The English Chair was won by Megan Bostock AKA Daffodil from Lliedi. Llongyfarchiadau merched.

House choirs sang “Sosban Fach” for the penultimate competition of the day.

The judges declared Lliedi as the winning House Choir due to their tone, volume and overall performance, although all houses performed impressively.

Grwp Carioci is another highlight of the Eisteddfod and this year did not disappoint.

All four performances were highly entertaining, a mixture of song and dance from musicals such a School of Rock, High School Musical, Bohemian Rhapsody and Mamma Mia (featuring a special appearance by Donna and the Dynamos AKA Mrs Alderman, Mrs Woozley and Mrs N. Williams).

They were all excellent items but the winners were Lliedi with their Dirty Dancing medley performing hits such as Be My Baby, Hungry Eyes and (I’ve had) The Time of my life.

Final results, after a well-fought “battle” of the houses:

1af – Lliedi

2ail – Cothi

3ydd – Tywi

4ydd – Morlais

Diolch yn fawr to Lucy Moon, Year 9 and Mr Martin Mcdowall for the excellent photography.

Many thanks to our 3 adjudicators – Mrs Sharon Griffiths (retired teacher of maths at Bryngwyn School), Mr Terry Jones (retired teacher of PE) and Major Denise Cooper (The Salvation Army).

Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd.

Da iawn Cothi, Tywi a Morlais.

Llongyfarchiadau Llys Lliedi – Enillwyr Eisteddfod Ysgol Bryngwyn 2019.

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