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Ponthenri Open Cast mine plans to be discussed

Ponthenri Open Cast mine plans to be discussed

Plans for an Open Cast mine at Ponthenri will be discussed at the next meeting of the planning committee of  Llanelli Rural Council on Monday, (Jun 5).

The application submitted by agent, Mr B Corrigan on behalf of Draeth Developments includes the extraction of 210,000 tonnes of high quality anthracite over a 4.5 year period and a new access road onto the B4317.

Plans include 2.5 months site establishment/initial stripping, 46 months mining operations and phased restoration and 2.5 months final restoration.

The site is located at Carnawllon Fawr, Ponthenri, SA15 5PF

Full plans include surface mining of anthracite, restoration to woodland ponds and wetlands with improved access.

There were protests following the previous application. Nia Griffith the Llanelli MP at the time said:

“It is clear to me both from the public meetings we held in Pontyberem and Ponthenri four years ago, and in talking to numerous residents since, that there is widespread opposition to these proposals because the proposed workings are just so close to people’s homes and to the school. In my letter, I also remind councillors that back in the autumn of 2009, more than 900 residents signed a petition expressing their opposition to the plans for opencast mining. I was with members of the residents action committee, led by Community Councillor Alban Rees, when we delivered that petition to the council, and called on councillors to block the planning application submitted by a company called Draeth.

Residents want councillors to know that they are really worried about having opencast at Pentremawr. The thought of the noise, the dust and the lorries is just too horrible to contemplate.”

Llanelli Online understands that objections have already been submitted by the Rural Council however the meeting on Monday (Jun 5) is to discuss the following objections:

Objections on the following grounds

1 detrimental impact on village life and the general well being and health of the community;
2 the immediate and long term affect on the environmental landscape;
3 the visual impact of Open Cast miming on both sides of the Gwendraeth Valey;
4 increased traffic movements of haulage and plant;
5 noise and dust pollution having a detrimental impact on neighbouring villages;
6 water pollution;
7 the gas pipeline that traverses the site;
8 the detrimental impact on local ecology;
9 the application did not appear to support the principles of sustainable development.

The full agenda for the meeting is available via the Rural Council’s website 

Plans can also be viewed on the County Council’s website 



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