Police Investigate Plaid leaflet error

Two Plaid Cymru candidates for the local council elections have been reported to the police for allegedly failing to follow Electoral Commission rules on the printing and publishing of election leaflets. It is understood that the leaflets for the two candidates Colin Jones and Dyfrig Thomas did not contain a promoted by ‘address’, which a Welsh labour spokesperson told us is against Electoral Commission rules. A Welsh Labour representative told Llanelli Online that they have reported the incident to Dyfed Powys-Police and have asked that the leaflets are not delivered and are destroyed. The spokesperson  said that they were awaiting a response from the police and from the Chief Executive of Carmarthenshire County Council, Mark James.

Llanelli Online sent a request for information to Sean Rees, Plaid Cymru’s campaign manager but at the time of publishing this article he was not available for comment.

It is understood that there may be more leaflets, where the address has been omitted. If this is the case then Plaid Cymru may face a fine and may be ordered to destroy the leaflets.

No address: The Plaid Cymru leaflet

Plaid Cymru’s Campaign Manager Sean Rees has accused Labour of also using leaflets without an imprint. Llanelli Online was sent a leaflet (pic) for Welsh Labour’s Louvain Roberts, which Sean Rees claims does not have an address. We contacted Welsh Labour and we were told that this leaflet was an old leaflet used when Louvain Robvberts was not legally considered as a candidate. The spokesperson went on to say that the leaflet used following the the candidate’s selection has an imprint. Sean Rees insists that the leaflet has been used and says that it has been documented and that correspondence has been sent.

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Labour claim this was used before candidate selection: The old leaflet
Labour claim this is being used since the candidate was selected: The new leaflet

Llanelli Online has asked for clarification from Plaid Cymru but we have been told that they do not wish to make any further comment.

We asked if there was evidence that the old leaflet had been used recently. We did not receive any evidence to support the claim.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

5 thoughts on “Police Investigate Plaid leaflet error

  1. Police are NOT investigating as your article makes clear. Labour must be desperate to cover their behinds after theee of their candidates have been spoken to by the Police for using a fake address. Your biased campaign coverage shows you are not a serious news site but a Labour propaganda mill.

    1. The incident I am told by Welsh Labour has been reported to Dyfed Powys-Police therefore they have a duty to investigate. I have not been made aware of any information relating to fake addresses. If you look at the site you will see that Plaid Cymru have always received good coverage. I am limited by the information I request and that, which is given by those responsible for the Plaid Cymru press.

    1. I cannot comment on whether it is partisan muck raking by Labour. We were sent the information and it has been verified. The article and headline tally. The incident has been reported to Dyfed Powys-Police.

  2. for goodness sake, why don’t they all just grow up and start letting people know how they are planning on representing us for the next four years!!! We all know that Plaid Cymru have no intentions of representing anyone apart from like minded nationalists but I expect better from Labour, personally I don’t feel inclined to vote for any party at the moment with all this nonesense going on.

    Also, as for Alan Evans not giving a fair platform to all parties, that is an absolute load of rubbish, I have found Alan to be fair and true to what he prints.

    I am not at all convinced that Carmarthenshire is going to be a better place after these elections.

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