Saturday, December 3, 2022

Police In Llanelli remind homeowners to protect their garden property

AS the weather gets warmer and people start to work in their garden sheds, we usually see an increase in the number of reported thefts from gardens and sheds across the force.

Help us prevent that by following some simple steps to become more property security conscious.  

“Garden sheds are too often easy targets for criminals,” said Sergeant Gemma Davies

“This is a great concern to the police because it is clear that shed thefts can be prevented if a reasonable level of security was put in place.   We are encouraging people to install good quality locks to all garden sheds and also to property mark their equipment using UV marker pens, paint or engraving.”

To improve security and to reduce the chance of become a victim of crime, please consider the following:

  • Record all model and serial numbers of the equipment ie lawn mowers, bicycles, tools, etc on
  • Install security lighting in the garden
  • Ensure fences/gates are kept in good condition
  • Ensure good quality locks are fitted to the shed and are securely locked.  Windows to be fitted with locks
  • Property mark all the tools and equipment
  • To avoid thieves hiding behind hedges/shrubs – keep them cut back
  • Have prickly hedges around the perimeter to make accessibility to the garden difficult
  • Consider installing an alarm to the shed
  • Consider having gravel paths and drives – this discourages thieves from the garden – as gravel makes a noise
  • Ladders to be locked to a post or wall as they could be used for easy access to the home.

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