Sunday, June 4, 2023
Police encourage visitors to ‘park safely and legally’ at the Brecon Beacons

Police encourage visitors to ‘park safely and legally’ at the Brecon Beacons

DYFED-Powys Police is advising anyone considering visiting the Brecon Beacons to park safely and legally this weekend as another influx of visitors is anticipated.

A Fan Dance event is taking place on Saturday and Sunday and the area is expected to be particularly busy.

Police are advising visitors to consider finding alternative parking and routes to Pen y Fan and warn that enforcement action will be taken where necessary to uphold parking rules around the A470 clearway.

Chief Inspector Matt Scrase said: “I anticipate a very busy period on Brecon roads this weekend and particularly in the Storey Arms area.

“We will be continuing with police patrols of the Storey Arms area and will take action where it is required – moving on vehicles where possible and issuing tickets to the most dangerously parked vehicles. Our priority is ensuring there are no obstructions on the A470 and that people observe the clearway and do not park on the road.

“We just ask that they do so safely, taking into consideration their own needs, that of other walkers, and other road users who also want to come and enjoy what Dyfed-Powys has to offer.”

“There are a number of alternative places to park your vehicles if visiting the Brecon Beacons, which still have good routes to Pen y Fan. I would urge anyone planning on visiting to consider parking at locations including Cwm Gwydi or the Neuadd Valley. There is also a bus service available between Merthyr and Brecon, which stops at Storey Arms.”

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