8th August 2022

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Police attend incident at Marine Street in Llanelli

POLICE have been attending an incident in Marine Street in Llanelli today, Tuesday (Mar 26).

Llanelli Online received calls at approximately 6am today to say that there had been an incident and that there was a large police presence in the Seaside area of the town.

Llanelli Online’s Associate Editor Ron Cant was in the area at around 8am and reported seeing police forensic officers in attendance, marking out the ground with tape.

Our reporter Iwan Lewis was at Marine Street shortly afterwards and confirmed that there was a large police presence including forensic officers.

Roads in the area had been closed and a police cordon was in place.

A bystander who did not wish to be name contacted us to say that the incident is believed to have happened in Marine Street at around 3am this morning with armed police in attendance.

Mandy Carter a Seaside resident told Llanelli Online: “The community has had enough. I have decided to call a meeting on Monday at the Seaside Sports and Social Club at 6.30.

“We want the police, councillors, housing associations, everybody involved. We are not the dumping ground for people who cause difficulties in our community.

“Landlords have got to show more responsibility in who they place in homes in this wonderful community. We want an end to this mayhem that we have to endure on a regular basis.

“What happened today is not unusual. It is something we have learned to put up with.  County Lines is destroying our community. But no more.”

Other residents have taken to social media to air their concerns regarding the incident.

One claimed “Llanelli has gone to the dogs.”

Another said: “It’s mayhem down there (Seaside).”

Kirsty Lorraine John said: “I know just took kids school mental down there I don’t know what’s happened.”

Emma Richmond said: “So glad I’m not taking my son to Penrhos today he attends nursery. After seeing this I won’t be going down there.”


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