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Plans for new skate park and bike hub at popular visitor destination

Plans for new skate park and bike hub at popular visitor destination

MUMBLES Community Council wants to deliver a new skate park, bike hub and refurbished tennis courts after agreeing a budget for the coming financial year.

It plans to spend £788,992 in 2019/20, meaning band D council tax payers will contribute £55.29p each.

The budget may appear to be a huge rise from this year’s £573,613, but in fact £250,000 of underspend this financial year is being carried over – and the precept for band D payers is rising by less than 50p.

Council chairwoman Carrie Townsend Jones said £134,000 is being set aside in 2019/20 for the proposed skate park at Blackpill, with the aim to attract the same amount in grant funding.

She said a contractor had been appointed and that the facility could be up and running by summer 2020, subject to the necessary planning consents.

The community council will also spend £87,500 refurbishing two Langland Bay tennis courts, and is keen to create a new hub for the Swansea University-backed shared bike scheme on the seafront at Southend.

It is also supporting a group called Mumbles Community Association, which wants to take over the running of – and upgrade – Underhill Park.

Mrs Townsend Jones said: “We look forward to bringing to fruition the larger projects that work started on last year as well as exciting new initiatives planned for this coming year.

“We recognise that residents may be wondering why developments such as Underhill, Langland tennis courts and the bike hub have still not reached completion but be assured, huge amounts of work have been going on behind the scenes and we are confident that the bike hub will be through planning and in place on the prom by Easter, and work will start on two of the tennis courts soon after.”

The community council has a 25-year lease to run three of the Langland tennis courts, and is close to securing a long-term lease for the Ostreme Centre, Newton Road.

Meeanwhile it has allocated £30,000 for a new surface at the playground at Underhill Park, and will fund various events and festivals.

Last year the community council faced criticism for the poorly-attended White Lady Festival, which was plagued by bad weather but had a net cost of £26,282. This year it has been re-branded the Summer Knights Festival, and has a £17,000 budget.

Mrs Townsend Jones also said that safety measures at the junction of West Cross Lane and West Cross Avenue for children attending the three nearby schools will be completed in 2019/20.

She added that consultation would take place with residents and businesses as part of longer term plans to deliver a community plan for Mumbles.

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