15th August 2022

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Planning, Licensing and Consultation Committee meeting July 11th

In accordance with the provisions of Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972 and Section 47 of the Local Government and Elections (Wales) Act 2021 the PLANNING, LICENSING AND CONSULTATION COMMITTEE of LLANELLI TOWN COUNCIL was held REMOTELY and at The Old Vicarage, Town Hall Square, Llanelli on Monday, 11th July 2022 at 6.00 p.m.

PRESENT: Councillors D.Ll. Darkin (Chair), A.R. Bragoli (substitute for Cllr. A. Lochrie), S.A. Curry (substitute for Cllr, S. Greaney), S. Evans, L. Fenris, J.P. Jenkins, J.E. Jones, A.S.J. McPherson, N.J. Pearce (Deputy Town Mayor)(Vice-Chair), S.L. Rees, J.R. Williams. EX-OFFICIO MEMBER: Councillor P.T. Warlow (Town Mayor). APOLOGIES: Councillors T. Davies, S. Greaney, A. Lochrie.

7. TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT (1) PLANNING APPLICATIONS Councillor D.Ll. Darkin (Chair) declared a personal interest in Application No. PL/03919, as his company had been invited to quote for the works and as he considered this to be a prejudicial interest he withdrew from the meeting prior to the discussion and voting thereon with Cllr. N.J. Pearce (Vice-Chair) taking the Chair in his absence. The Town Clerk reported the receipt of the undermentioned applications which had been sent to the Town Council by Carmarthenshire County Council’s Head of Planning for its consideration and observations.


3 – 8. SHAPING WALES’ FUTURE Members considered a consultation received from Welsh Government on the Second Wave, Shaping: Wales’ Future: Using National Milestones to measure our Nation’s progress with the consultation period ending on 12th September 2022 (copies having been previously circulated to members). RESOLVED – that the information be noted and that members be encouraged to fully research the document at length and respond themselves and that the Consultation be promoted through the Town Council’s media pages to ensure that the local community are aware of the consultation and are able engage fully in Wales’ future.

9. PLANNING APPEAL CONSULTATION – PL/03090 CAMBRIAN CHAPEL, THE FORMER VICTORIA ROAD METHODIST CHURCH, LLANELLI. SA15 2LE Councillor D.Ll. Darkin (Chair) declared a personal interest in this item as the applicant was known by him and as he considered this to be a prejudicial interest he vacated the Chair and withdrew from the meeting with Cllr. N.J. Pearce (Vice-Chair) taking the Chair in his absence. Further to Minute No. 41 of the Committee meeting held on 13th December 2021, the Town Clerk reported the consultation received from Planning and Decisions Wales on a Planning Refusal Appeal made in relation to the original refusal by Carmarthenshire County Council (copies having been previously circulated to members).

RESOLVED – that the Council upholds the decision made by Carmarthenshire County Council to Refuse this Application as members felt it contravened a number of planning policies within the Local Development Plan.

10. MATTERS FOR INFORMATION RESOLVED – that the undermentioned matters be noted (copies of which having previously been circulated to members by email for their consideration):

(1) Carmarthenshire County Council – Development of Listed Buildings in Carmarthenshire’s Town Centres: recognising the challenges, invitation to event held on the 24th June at Carmarthen Library.

(2) Carmarthenshire County Council – Llanelli Town Conservation Area Appraisal Public Consultation, invitation to event to be held on the 4th August at Llanelli Library.

(3) Carmarthenshire County Council – temporary closure of Traeth Ffordd, North Dock from a point 80 metres West of its junction with Lliedi Roundabout for a total distance of 130 metres in a Westerly direction on Friday 1st July 2022 between 15:00 hours and 19:00 hours.

(4) Carmarthenshire County Council – Update on the timetable for the Revised Carmarthenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) 2018-2033.

(5) Insall Architects – Carmarthenshire Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans.

(6) Carmarthenshire County Council – Consultation on the proposal to provide a raised plateau road hump at the entrance to the new housing development at Y Corsydd, Llanelli. The Meeting concluded at 6.18 p.m.

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