PLAID Cymru have responded to the news that the £500 bonus payment to social care workers will be subject to tax.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Local Government Minister Delyth Jewell MS called the move “a late and cruel twist.”

The MS went on to say: “Our carers were first promised a £500 bonus on 1 May. Back then, the First Minister noted that our social care workers were an often ‘under-valued and overlooked’ workforce. In a move that is not only late, but cruel, we learn that this bonus is not due to be paid until next month, and worse, will be subject to tax. The under-valued and overlooked workforce must wait even longer for a seemingly ever decreasing pot. Some reward!

 “I said at the time that a one off payment is the least we can do to show care workers we value them. In the medium term we must look again at how we treat and pay care staff. Plaid Cymru’s proposal of a National Health and Care Service would radically address the chronic problems in social care. Social Care Staff would be moved onto NHS career pay scales, which would give them parity of pay with the NHS, ensure many care staff had a pay rise and would tackle the insecurity and poor employment many of them experience.

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“This pandemic has forced us to look at which jobs in our society are essential, and those who look after and support the most vulnerable in our society deserve to be recognised for the incredible contributions they make. To give with one hand and take away with another is not a fair reward for their contribution.”

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