Sunday, January 29, 2023
Plaid Cymru Llanelli calls for support for Dafen workers at AIM Altitude

Plaid Cymru Llanelli calls for support for Dafen workers at AIM Altitude

PLAID Cymru Llanelli candidate Helen Mary Jones has written to Carmarthenshire Council and the Welsh Government calling for support for workers at Dafen’s AIM Altitude.

It comes following the confirmation of 99 job losses at Llanelli firm AIM Altitude.

Plaid Cymru’s Llanelli hopeful Helen Mary Jones said:

“I have written to the Welsh Government and the local council to ask what help is available to support the 99 workers losing their jobs at the manufacturer in Dafen, Llanelli.

“In the Senedd last month I immediately raised the need for action from the Welsh Government about the 99 manufacturing jobs at AIM Altitude when it was announced the jobs were at risk.

“I am concerned that the Welsh Government’s economic department does not have the capacity to respond to these situations, while dealing the COVID emergency response.

“The number of the job losses may not seem huge globally, but in the communities like Llanelli impacted they are significant, and there are supply line issues as well.

“A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government would develop an intelligence-led approach in identifying, as we come out of the COVID crisis, those companies in Wales at risk of redundancies so we will be able to step in at an earlier stage and perhaps intervene to support those businesses, and to encourage them to keep work here in Wales, before they reach crisis point.”


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