Saturday, November 26, 2022
‘Plaid Cymru is the party for the future’ says Adam Price

‘Plaid Cymru is the party for the future’ says Adam Price

AHEAD of conference speech, Plaid Cymru Leader has said that Wales is facing ‘a new Welsh wave of change’.

Plaid Cymru delegates are meeting in good spirits at Spring Conference this year in Bangor’s Pontio – one of Wales’ newest arts centres. This will be Adam Price’s first Spring Conference as the Plaid Cymru Leader. 

In contrast to the broken politics of Westminster, Adam Price will be putting forward in his conference speech Plaid Cymru’s vision for the New Wales we want to deliver as the new Welsh Government in 2021.

Exciting and fresh ideas he will talk about will include proposals for a Minister for the Future, forging a new way of doing politics and Wales’ future in Europe.

New Leader, Adam Price, has favourability ratings better than any party leader in England and Wales, with polls already showing that Plaid Cymru is on course to form the next Welsh Government with Adam Price as the new First Minister.

Commenting, Adam Price said: “The Westminster Government continues to lose its grip on power, with the Prime Minister unable to govern. 

“Meanwhile, opinion polls show the people of Wales have changed their mind on Brexit.  One of the heaviest support Leave votes across the UK would now support Remain.

“While Westminster looks through its rose-tinted monocle and yearns for the return of the British Empire, the people of Wales are looking to the future, a new future – a new Wales – with Plaid Cymru.

“At the heart of our vision for Wales is a country transformed.  We are offering an alternative to Labour’s suffocating hegemony by embracing a new Welsh wave of change.

“We need to scour the world for radical thinking, and embrace a new pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial and experimental, at the heart of government.

“Innovative government should not be a contradiction in terms, the exception that proves the rule of bureaucratic inertia.

“If we are to leapfrog from where we are now, to where we want to be then we have to be the Innovation Nation.

“Where Labour has subcontracted its conscious to a Future Generations Commissioner with no power, Plaid Cymru will create a Minister for the Future, with a place in the Welsh Government Cabinet, to ensure we are not bystanders in our own history, but we in Wales and the Government of Wales can shape our own future.

“The Westminster parties are broken. It’s time we forged a new way of doing politics in Wales to stop division in its tracks.”

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