Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Plaid Cymru and Indys defeat motion to cut senior council salaries

Big earners at County Hall: Plaid Cymru and Indys approve

Carmarthenshire Council’s Labour Party Group this week tabled an amendment to the salaries of two new Director posts in an effort to save over £100,000 over the next five years.

Senior salaries in County Hall has become a much debated topic over recent years with both Labour and Plaid Cymru committing to tackling the rise of senior salaries in the run up to the local government elections in May.
The adverts for the Director of Education and Children’s Services and the Director of Regeneration and Policy states that each position will carry a salary of up to £123, 218.
According to research conducted by Carmarthenshire Labour, the average salary for these positions across Wales is said to be around £103,000 per annum, with Swansea Directors being paid over £10,000 less per annum.
Deputy Leader of the Labour Group, Councillor Rob James, stated “The Labour Group made a commitment to the people of Carmarthenshire before the local elections that we will work towards bringing senior salaries in line with the welsh average for new posts advertised.
“In a step to ensure that the brightest and best apply for the roles before us, and to show our commitment to the promises that we made to the electorate, we will propose this week that the maximum salaries for the two new Director posts be reduced by £11,000 per annum each, saving over £100,000 over the next five years.
“The difference between the pay of those at the top of our Council and those on the lowest incomes is the worst in Wales. We cannot allow this continue and going forward we will continue to put pressure on Carmarthenshire Council to decrease senior salaries and become a Living Wage employer.”
The motion was defeated by Plaid and Independent Councillors and the two roles will now be advertised to the general public.

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